Designer FAQ

1. Are APA Producer Members the same as APA Certified Plants?
Yes, APA Plant Certification is a requirement to become a Producer member.
2. How many inspections do APA Certified Plants undergo each year?
APA Certified Plants are required to have two, unannounced inspections each year.
3. What is the difference between wet cast cast stone and dry tamp cast stone?
There are two different production methods to manufacturing cast stone: wet cast and dry tamp. The wet cast production method is the same as architectural precast where the mix design is poured into the mold, cured then stripped. Dry tamp cast stone has a zero-slump mix design that is packed into molds with pneumatic rammers before being stripped and allowed to cure. Both production methods produce high quality cast stone products.
4. What products does the Architectural Precast Association Certification Program cover?
The Architectural Precast Association has Certification Programs in place for architectural precast, wet cast cast stone, dry tamp cast stone and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).
5. What Quality Control Personnel Designations does the Architectural Precast Association require certified plants to hold?

Each APA Certified Plant must have a Level I QC Technician and a Level II QC Manager. In addition, the APA Plant Certification Program is the only certification program which requires a Central Mix Batch Plant Operator designation.